About Us

Helping you and your team become the trustworthy advisors your stakeholders need.

What We Do

Synthesis Group Australia is Australia’s leading cultural reform consulting firm.

As a specialist management consulting firm, we reposition your corporate service teams to be valued and critical to the success of your stakeholders.

Working with internal and external facing functions in the public and private sector, our approach is to have your team excitedly sought after by their stakeholders. These teams need to become the indispensable advisors and guides that stakeholders seek. They need to have the courage and means to offer greater contribution towards organisational outcomes, cementing their position as trustworthy advisors.

Our services are personalised and targeted. We offer solutions for executive leaders, managers, and the wider team.

Our Approach

Larger than training and fundamentally different from pure consulting, we take an Applied Consulting approach.

This approach combines our targeted strategies with your team’s individual goals and your key organisational deliverables – turning concepts into action.


Our process follows a cyclical five-step framework that allows your team to build their knowledge of a concept, test it with stakeholders, refine their skills, apply an improved approach and, upon mastering those skills, progress to the next element of the program.

Our services are delivered in a staggered manner to ensure there is sufficient time for your team to absorb, practice and become proficient in each strategy. Our approach ensures that cultural reform is deeply embedded and long lasting.

Our Vision

Our vision is to equip leaders and their teams with the tools, strategies and mindset they need to develop trust and to build powerful commercial relationships.

This creates a position of strength from which organisations can create lasting results including a commercial and social legacy that improves the lives of all those whom the organisation touch.

Meet Our Team

William Pegg

Managing Director

William is a communication and cultural reform specialist who works with executive leadership to overhaul how their organisation engages their most critical internal and external stakeholders. He has 20 years of experience working in finance and corporate service teams in large multi-national organisations and government departments. A published author for CFO’s, William advises, writes and presents on change management, integration and collaboration strategies in the private and public sectors.

Jo Maddock

Head of Client Delivery

Jo is a delivery expert who has facilitated a wide variety of learning and development programs in ASX200 organisations, as well as government departments. She has extensive cultural reform experience, designing and delivering solutions globally to transform leadership culture, stretch thinking and expand future perspectives. Her passion lies in delivering solutions that create impact across all levels of organisations, on a local, regional and global scale.

Jacques Schutte

Senior Consultant

With over 20 years’ management consulting experience, Jacques has successfully led a wide range of organisational redesign and development programs across a wide range of industries. Specialising in the Australian public sector, he has driven culture change, transformation, and business improvement projects. Jacques holds a Masters Degree in Organisational Psychology and multiple certificates in people analytics. He is driven by creating meaningful outcomes and enhancing employee and customer experiences.

Lisa McMahon

Senior Delivery Specialist

Lisa is an experienced facilitator who has delivered a wide range of learning and development engagements in ASX200 organisations. Lisa is known for her supportive nature and her ability to drive outcomes in diverse groups. She has facilitated here in Australia and throughout Asia Pacific and enjoys exploring cultural nuances and creating impact in a learning setting. Lisa has extensive design experience, using a customer and learner centric approach whilst working with client needs to develop solutions to transform team and organisational culture.

Amy Robertson

Senior Delivery Specialist

Amy is an experienced facilitator with a passion for building connections and fostering an environment of collaboration. With a proven ability to connect with diverse stakeholders from both the public and private sectors, Amy effortlessly creates a sense of ease and openness, encouraging impactful communication and meaningful connection.

Known for her exceptional skill in creating safe and inclusive spaces, Amy ensures that participants feel comfortable to share their thoughts and concerns. Amy drives successful transformations by facilitating constructive conversations and empowering individuals and teams to embrace change with confidence.

Teagan O’Brien

Program Support

Teagan is a central figure in the facilitation and distribution of Synthesis products and services. She is an experienced customer relations liaison professional with a background in administration and project management. With 11 years of experience in client relationship management roles, Teagan is an integral team member working closely with the Synthesis Group leadership team.

Grace Padibjo

Finance and Operations Manager

With more than 17 years of experience managing complex scientific and government international events (including the G20 and APEC conferences), Grace brings the structure and order required for Synthesis Group to seamlessly operate. Grace is responsible for the finance team and key supply partners within Synthesis. She draws on her deep experience in managing clients and suppliers in the US, Europe and Asia to effectively manage operational risk, implement process automation, balance the books and effortlessly keep the organisational mechanics turning over.

Greg Field

Principal Associate

Greg is an experienced former senior executive with a background in financial management, IT management and shared services consulting. A former Partner in PwC and Managing Partner in Ernst & Young Canberra, Greg has held an array of senior executive roles in the Australian Public Service, including; CFO and CIO of Austrade, CIO of the Department of Industry and Head of Corporate Services Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism. Greg has also been involved in the evolution of the Federal Government’s financial management and governance framework over the last three decades.

“There is an increasing need to better understand who we engage with. Surface knowledge is not enough. I believe we need a deeper understanding of our audience. Once attained, it’s up to us to change first.”

William Pegg
Managing Director