Partnermore™ Digital

Business Partnering for Teams

Partnermore™ Digital is a digitised version of Partnermore™. The programs focus is to consistently and repeatedly share with medium to large teams what it takes to become more consultative, and how to operate as a business partner with colleagues.

A program that is designed to rapidly share content and strategy with significant sized teams, Partnermore Digital ensures that the whole division or function experiences a consistent uplift in capability.

Program Mechanics

  • Program Accelerators: Just like Partnermore™ , Partnermore™ Digital goes through a suite of Accelerators, except 80% of the strategies are shared and consumed online, on-demand. 
  • Program Rhythm: This service runs in conjunction with Partnermore™ and content is accessed through Synthesis Learning Management System. 
  • ‘Ask Anything’ Workshop: Every month, a live online ‘Ask Anything’ workshop will be held so groups can explore concepts more deeply. Robust troubleshooting is performed, as is the personalisation of content to individual work plans.

Embedding Your New Culture

It is not uncommon for executive leadership to expect managers who have progressed through Partnermore to share their learnings with the wider team. We encourage this however, what we know about wide scale knowledge sharing is:

  • Managers are time poor and have themselves only recently become acquainted with the necessary Partnermore™ program strategies.
  • Learning a new concept differs significantly from the attributes required to teach your team.
  • Consistency and replicability is crucial for scaling. The same principles need to be consistently shared to build momentum and prevent regression to old habits.

We take away the headache and risk associated with capability uplift by providing targeted development for your team.

Partnermore™ Digital will help you avoid the inconsistencies that can plague teams when it comes to stakeholder reframing and engagement. Delivered in a blended manner that combines on-demand digitised content and live online interactions, this program has the effect deeply embedding the practice of business partnering into the culture of your team.

Expected outcomes

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