Brand Creation

For Business Leaders

Your division and team have a brand – who they are, how they work, the value they bring and how they are aligned to the wider organisation.

Larger than just credibility, your brand is a deliberate, sustained, multi-year strategy to cultivate an authentic and genuine projection of how your team can help.

Our Brand Creation program helps you build a polished, publicly shared brand that is designed to change stakeholder perception of what your team can do for them.

Program Mechanics

This program is delivered via a blend of online and face-to-face workshops and strategy sessions. 

Applying a ‘Do it With You’ or ‘Do It For You’ approach, our brand creation service addresses the following components:

  • Audience identification and needs analysis.
  • Clarification of the future ways of working for your team.
  • Creation of a multi-year brand, shared with team and colleagues, containing tangible actions that will fulfil this mission.
  • Deployment of strategies for the team to deeply care and be invested in the brand.
  • Roll out of effective communication strategy.
  • Embedding workshops to cement the change.

Expected outcomes

Developing a compelling brand for your business unit, where your team can see their role to play, is an incredibly powerful mechanism to generate significant team cohesion. Having created your brand, you can expect the following:

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