Consulting & advisory services

The core of what we do at Synthesis Group is provide capability uplift and advisory services.

We know that not every organisation is ready or aware of the possibilities that uplifted service delivery skills can produce. Upstream consulting services become valuable in demonstrating these possibilities.

Whether it’s building a strategy, planning your workforce, or developing your brand, our team can come alongside yours to prepare and work with you throughout the change journey.

The spread of consulting services that we offer include:

voices that matter

Change without engaging your stakeholders can be fraught with risk. 

Synthesis Group will take the time to speak to leadership, the team, colleagues, partners, even suppliers to understand their perspective of how your business unit works now, what success could look like in the future and what improvements they might like to see. Their early engagement is key to driving successful change. 

  • The goal – Provide a factual, timely and detailed analysis of how your business unit operates to better inform your future change program. 

brand development

Every team has a brand. Either you create it, or your stakeholders will do it for you.

Synthesis Group will help you create a brand (or vision) that will allow your team to believe in the future you design, and allow stakeholders to understand the true value and potential that your team can bring.

  • The goal – Reposition your team for greater success.

service decoding

We need to make the complex simple.

Synthesis Group will help you decode what you do, how you do it, how you think and why. This allows you to clearly demystify what you do for stakeholders and deconstruct how you work for the team. 

  • The goal – Replicate what you do within your team and open up additional opportunities to engage with stakeholders in a way they have not yet experienced.

future in focus

When you are ready to embark on change, it’s essential to involve the team. 

Future in Focus helps your leadership team understand the direction you wish to take and importantly, what their role to play will be.

  • The goal – Instill hope and excitement about what the future holds and how your team will contribute. 

strategy & DESIGN

What’s the short, mid and longer term goal and outlook for your team? What does an optimized structure look like for you?

Synthesis Group will help you build your strategy and design the structure of your team.

  • The goal – Create a detailed yet flexible strategy and structure that will help your team express its true value for organisational success.  

strategic workforce planning

As your business changes, will your workforce be able to meet the need?

Synthesis Group strategic workforce planning considers the size, composition and spread of your workforce, as well as the current capability, capacity, aptitude, skills and strategic know how of your team.

  • The goal – Identify the strengths and areas for improvement, providing recommendations on what steps to take to help your workforce develop to satisfy your organisational goals. 


Planning is not a strong suit for many. Too often it is inconsistent between teams and not repeatable for the mid-term.

We will help you create a single, robust and repeatable planning process and mechanism to demonstrate strategic alignment and create excitement.

  • The goal – Ensure your brand, strategy and vision is practically operationalized by each and every part of your team.

Other Services