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Specialists in repositioning corporate service teams in both the public and private sector.

Our philosophy is simple – we believe all teams should be able to demonstrate their true worth and value.

For corporate services teams, there needs to be a fundamental reform in how they think, the type of services they produce, and how they intentionally engage with their stakeholders.

When this takes place, what we see is that corporate services can now lead their organisation in enterprise-wide reform.

Cultural Reform For

Cultural Reform for

Take care of the leader and you will take care of the team. Executive level leaders need be able to exercise the power and skill of influence, and generate positive and lasting change that is appreciated by their business.

Managers are solution seekers and agents for change. With the right work culture, managers can provide support, insight, knowledge and skills to those around them and place the team in an indispensable position.

Each team within an organisation is a group of diverse professionals, who have skills and knowledge to offer, and yet there is the risk that they are not recognised for their full worth. To lift your team up into trusted leaders and advisors requires giving them the necessary tools to become autonomous and irreplaceable, not just another corporate service function. This is a gift that they will carry right throughout their careers.

The Cost of Poor Culture

The true cost that turnover has on the average business:

annual employee turnover
0 %
for a new employee to reach full productivity
0 months
of new hires look for a new job in the first 6 months
0 %
of employees would stay longer if their employer invested in their development
0 %
the real cost of replacing one employee
0 % of salary

Change starts with a single step

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Synthesis Group Australia enjoys collaborative partnerships with Australia’s leading accounting organisations. We have worked closely with CPA Australia and CA ANZ for numerous years to share high value content with CFO’s, COO’s and their teams. The strength of these partnerships comes down to the continual desire to bring unique and valuable content and guidance to members.

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Synthesis Group Australia are financial supporters of A21, a non-profit organisation with a mission to abolish slavery everywhere, forever.