Legacy Creation

For Business Leaders

What do you want to be known for? Will your impact and effort still be felt years after you’ve moved on?

Our Legacy Creation program allows you to create your own meaningful legacy that will be appreciated by your organisation – creating an impact that will be remembered, one that you can be proud of too.

Program Mechanics

Our Legacy Creation service provides a practical framework AND peer group in which leaders in the public and private sectors can plan, build, implement and refine the impact they wish to leave.

We incorporate four overarching components to help you develop your legacy:

  • Legacy Creation Framework: A practical nine part framework is unpacked that provides the building blocks to develop your legacy.
  • Peer Discussion: Exchanging insights and learnings with peers.
  • Guest Contributors & Expert Insights: Industry specialists are invited to share their knowledge on targeted topics to help you advance your plan.
  • Implementation: We help you create your implementation plan and then travel the journey with you as you live out your legacy.

Expected outcomes

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