Future In Focus

Business Partnering Workshop Series for Managers

Future In Focus is our workshop series that brings the management team together, explores an array of exciting futures for the group and impresses the importance of immediate change for long-term success.

We explore how a team operates right now and importantly, how it could operate in the future. These workshops will contain early brand strategy creation elements and will also consider how the team could intentionally change their behaviour when working with stakeholders to position themselves as a trustworthy advisor.

Program Mechanics

  • ‘Unbusy’ Ourselves: Being flat out stifles creativity. We will perform a powerful process where leaders will be able to ‘unbusy’ themselves and win back time.
  • Current vs Future State: A process to consider the ‘wins’ and ‘slippage’ over the past 12 months, early branding for the future and how every team can buy into the forward plan.
  • Key Drivers: We explore a spread of Key Drivers that we know precipitate higher performance and output from teams.
  • Futures Mapping: We will map an array of possible trajectories that impress upon the group the urgency and need for immediate action.

Embedding Results

Our workshops culminate in an action plan of specific deliverables that leaders will need to implement over the subsequent six-week, three-month and six-month horizons.

We help your team maintain momentum:

  • We check and refine actions taken against committed deliverables.
  • Peer critique and support is facilitated to encourage change between teams.
  • Leading better. Targeted strategies are shared to help leaders engage, motivate and develop their teams.

These follow-ups are designed to hold leadership to account, advance opportunities and troubleshoot challenges. They are practical and outcome focused workshops to encourage fast, repeatable and sustainable change amongst leadership.

Expected outcomes

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