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Closing a Key Capability Gap

There’s an important skills issue that I believe needs to be reframed. More than that, I think it needs to be flipped completely from the way it’s usually expressed. Making this shift will have an impact on the way we make hiring decisions and the way we measure performance. Play this short video to see …

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How and why to decode your expertise

  I’ve often talked about how important it is for corporate services professionals to decode their technical expertise. It applies to all the support and operations functions in a large organisation, and I believe it’s one of the most important keys to being viewed as a trustworthy advisor by the senior executives and customer-facing functions. …

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How to become a trustworthy advisor

Achieving true trustworthy advisor status in the eyes of C-suite executives and other stakeholders is simple, but by no means easy. Few corporate services teams get there. At Synthesis Group Australia we’re dedicated to helping corporate services individuals and teams to get the respect and engagement they deserve. There are three indispensable ingredients they need. …

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Dealing with change – one size does not fit all

There are three change scenarios that you and your corporate services teams are going to encounter at some point. You cannot employ the same approach to all of them. I’ll explain this in the video.