Case Study


The corporate services division needed to work toward implementing a true business partnering mindset. By first working with procurement, Synthesis Group developed the brand of the function and lifted the service delivery capabilities of the team.

strategy & approach

  • Phase One: Brand of Procurement – Procurement repositioned the value and benefits of the team to provide stakeholders with a fresh perspective of what was possible. The brand was about procurement, but for stakeholders, expressing the multi-year benefits from a more organisationally aligned team.
  • Phase Two: Capability Uplift – Early engagement, deeper trust and effective influencing of stakeholders were the outcomes of procurement undertaking a capability uplift program to reposition the team as genuine business partners with improved service delivery skills.

final experience

With procurement having been the first group to implement the change in organisational repositioning, other corporate service teams are exploring what this move toward a stakeholder focused approach would mean for them.

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