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Case Study


A new finance division was being stood up within TfNSW. Finance needed to reposition as more advisory within TfNSW as well as improve the teams business partnering capabilities.

strategy & approach

  • Phase One: Voice of the Customer – An enquiry process baselined perspectives and opinion from colleagues, external stakeholders and the finance team members on current finance services, how the division works and potential improvements.
  • Phase Two: Brand of Finance – Synthesis Group built the future-looking brand of finance. This brand served as a guide for the next three years, reframed perspectives, demonstrated closer organisational alignment and was used to attract new team members. 
  • Phase Three: Capability Uplift – The service delivery skills and business partnering mindset of the team was developed through a capability development program. The goal was to improve how finance interacts with stakeholders, repositioning the team as a trustworthy advisor.

final experience

Finance now works more strategically with stakeholders, a business partnering mindset has been adopted at scale, the complexity of finance was decoded for stakeholders and finance employee engagement rose by 75%.

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