The Department of defence

Case Study


The Department of Defence sought guidance on capability development – how enabling service teams can become stakeholder focused, outcome minded functions that progress the Australian Defence Force.

strategy & approach

  • Finance – Synthesis Group provided frameworks and practical guidance to leadership and the ‘Emerging Finance Leaders’ program, so finance would be engaged earlier and be seen as trusted financial advisors.
  • Air Domain – Military and civilian personnel were provided steerage on how to reframe the value of Air Domain from that of a support function, to a team that is vital to the success of front-line personnel. 
  • Procurement – Procurement aspired to be viewed by stakeholders as critical to all planning considerations. Synthesis Group consulted with stakeholders, built the divisional ‘brand’ and lifted team capability.

final experience

By taking a different approach in stakeholder engagement, teams are now more closely aligned, offering deeper more rounded options with practical solutions that advance the plans of military personnel.

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